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Tasty Cream Cheese Snack

16 servings

preconditions: no pre-preparation necessary. Very easy to make. Takes less than 5 minutes. Yeah!

Two 8 ounce packages of cream cheese (1 net carb per serving) not cream cheese spread, but the hard stuff in the rectangular box.

One regular size package of your favorite sugar free jello mix (I\'ve used strawberry and lemon and they are delicious!)

4 packets of splenda.

Preparation Method:
Unwrap the two packages of cream cheese and put in a medium sized microwavable bowl. Microwave on low power (level 3 or 4) for about two minutes in order to soften enough to stir.
Stir in the entire package of sugar free jello and the splenda. Mix very well.
Refrigerate until hardened again (about an hour).
Ready to eat by the spoonful!
Just whatever is in the cream cheese per serving. Plus whatever you count for the splenda (not much per serving in this). None in the sugar free jello.

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