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1910 Hot Chocolate

4 servings

preconditions: Each serving is 8 oz.

1 1/4 C water 0.00 carb grams
1 oz. Unsweetened chocolate bar 8.00 carb grams
2 Tablespoons Sugartwin 0.45 carb grams
1 C light cream 3.55 carb grams
light sprinkle of cinnamon—optional 0.00 carb grams
Sugar Free Monin Vanilla Syrup—optional carb grams

Preparation Method:
Add water to pot and bring to a mild rumbling boil.
Add to boiling water, broken pieces of the chocolate. Stir frequently. Do not mash chocolate, just stir well and never allow to come to a complete boil.
Slightly lower heat and add sweetener. Slowly add in warmed cream while stirring until liquid is smooth and glossy, about 3-5 minutes. When process is complete, using an electric mixer, frother or whisk, blend the chocolate milk to get an airy foamy chocolate drink.
Garnish with a little speck of ground cinnamon and vanilla syrup.
Seriously delicious! (c) copyright Robyne Arrow 2003-2004
Total carbs are 12 grams
3 carbs per 8 oz. serving

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